Jump Satori


Mike Wienick

Founder and President

Mike is an investor, operator, and entrepreneur having played a significant role in five successful exits.

Most recently, Mike launched, grew, and sold CurvedLine, an outsourced sales development company.  CurvedLine grew out of Mike’s growth consulting practice MW Consulting.

Prior to MW Consulting, Mike was the COO of SwellPath, a digital marketing agency based in Portland, OR. SwellPath specialized in SEM, Analytics, and Site Optimization.  At SwellPath, Mike managed the service and account management teams while working with SwellPath’s CEO to drive overall company strategy, tactics, and culture. SwellPath was acquired by 6D Global Technologies in March 2015.

Prior to SwellPath, Mike held various roles at Reply! Inc (now known as BuyerLink), a VC-backed advertising technology company. These roles included EVP of Reply! working with the C-Team to drive overall company strategy and GM MerchantCircle, an internet brand with ~11 million website visitors a month. Mike was responsible for MerchantCircle’s P&L and all MerchantCircle teams including sales, marketing, business development, finance, product, and engineering.  At Reply! Mike also held the role of VP marketing, managing the paid media team ($30M a year budget) and the company’s SEO efforts.

Mike arrived at Reply! via QualitySmith, a 40-person, $10-million-a year-home improvement lead generation company, acquired by Reply! in May 2012. Mike worked his way up at QualitySmith from a marketing associate to company President within two years of his initial hire and was the first person on the ground in Portland, Oregon. The Portland office quickly outgrew Mike’s living room and eventually became the company’s Sales and Marketing hub with over 50% of QualitySmith’s employees working out of the Portland location.

Mike also led the restructuring of QualitySmith’s inside sales team bringing on new management, growing it to a team of 10, and revamping the sales strategy, process, tools, and compensation plan.

Most importantly, Mike aligned the sales, marketing, business development, account management, product, engineering, customer service, and finance teams on a very specific set of goals and priorities. This intense focus reenergized the company and helped the investors and employees realize a successful exit.

Mike’s active leadership at QualitySmith not only grew the business but also won accolades. In October 2011, Willamette Week (a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper) named Mike Portland’s Best Boss.

Before QualitySmith, Mike held a variety of management, marketing, and sales roles. Mike also launched, grew, and successfully sold an e-commerce company.

When not supporting Jump Satori clients, Mike is an active angel investor with ~70 investments to date.

Mike lives in Washington State with his two children, two dogs, a crested gecko, and a hamster.  Mike and the family enjoy watching Formula 1 racing, hiking, kayaking, and visiting playgrounds in every town they drive through.