Jump Satori


Janakan Thiagarajah


Janakan is a highly accomplished attorney with over 15 years of experience in the legal industry. He has invaluable expertise across major practice areas.


Having started in regulatory & commercial litigation, he honed his skills in legal research, and strategic planning, earning a reputation for his dedication and critical thinking.


This also exposed him to a wide range of legal matters, including commercial transactions, contract negotiations, and regulatory compliance, either subject or relevant to the litigation. At a time when most attorneys thought specialize / niche, Janakan went the opposite direction and fostered the ability to navigate complex business landscapes and provide practical legal solutions. As a sole practitioner, he has successfully built a thriving practice catering to diverse clients, ranging from startups to established businesses. His multidisciplinary expertise enabled him to offer comprehensive legal services, encompassing litigation, commercial transactions, and regulatory analysis.


Having steered his firm practice toward a particular focus on internet, cloud computing, software-as-a-service (SaaS), blockchain, privacy & cybersecurity, along with the IP, Janakan’s intricate knowledge of the legal challenges specific to the tech industry, combined with his ability to stay ahead of emerging trends, has allowed him to provide invaluable guidance to his tech clients.


For Jump Satori, Janakan has been an outside general counsel, handling anything from corporate issues to privacy to employment.


Janakan attended Northwestern University School of Law, serving on the editorial board of its Law Review. He lives outside of Miami with his wife, two daughters, and trusty Shiba Inu.